Systems Design

Whether you are designing a new facility or simply improving your current processes, GPI will work with you by providing all consulting services necessary to efficiently improve your business.

We specialize in refurbishing and upgrading facilities and equipment, including systems automation though the incorporation of electric, electronic and pneumatic components. We work on equipment layout and integration in order to meet the requirements of our customers under the most cost efficient design.

Our Consulting services include:

  • Plant layout design
  • Equipment selection
  • Custom Silos design, conveyors and pneumatic transportation systems design
  • Process Automation and Optimization
  • System Blue Prints
  • Production Analysis
  • Product Development: Blends, Roasting Curve Temperatures, Grinding and Packaging


We have many years of experience in the coffee industry, with a profound knowledge of the processes involved in the creation of different coffee products. Through the right selection of blends and origins, roasting curve optimization, appropriate grinding and de-gasification processes, we are able to fulfill our customer’s unique coffee style requirements: Gourmet, Espresso, American, etc.

Our services include personnel training on equipment operation and facility management for integrated systems, including the supply of training manuals an equipment literature.